Thomas M

Thomas M (BE) was interested in listening and discovering music since he was still a kid.
At age 18 he bought his first two turntables, and a second hand mixer. 
Soon, he began, with ‘open ears’ to look for something different. 
After this he evoluated to more non-commercial sounds. He started doing contests, where he came out as one the bests. He started doing some broadcast also in the same time. 
With some demo sets sent, it didn’t take too long and became resident dj in Naughty (Brussels). 
The music Thomas plays now, is more underground techno and progressive music. Thomas likes music with different warm sounds which is surprising, to make the people enjoy and dance with him. His importance is create a feeling between him, the people and the music.
Thomas was resident at Naughty (Brussels), Mezzo Giorno (Antwerp) and Revelation (Brussels). He also played several times in different parties all over Europe like Naughtycontrol (Cologne), Infinita (Ibiza), Pitbull (Vienna), Play (Moscow), Under (Paris), Gibus & Scream (Paris). Some of the parties he currently regularly play are GreenKomm (Cologne), , Divergent & Pitbull (Vienna), Kluster (Madrid) & Red&Blue (Antwerp). Since 2018 Thomas started his own monthly party Cave (Brussels) where he is his own resident.



Who is Kenne Perry?
It’s the guy who is first of all a deejay.
Most deejays can be defined by a specific music style.
In late 90’s he became a dj overnight.
It was something he never thought of before even if he had been obsessed by music since the age of 4. In the mid 90’s you only had clubs and bars. His debut in
the Belgian nightlife was innovating at that time. In no time this venue became one of the hotspots of the West-European partyscene. It was during that time he created his
unique vibe when he plays music. And what many don’t realise is that it’s not the music or songs that are important, but what you do with it.

It was only 5 years after he started mixing that he did his first club performance. His club debut was at the most important club of Europe around that time. A lot of guest appearances followed.
About 3 years later he became resident for a gay party in Brussels. The party grew into one of the big players of the gayscene. A few other residency’s followed. By the time he joined the team of La Demence in 2007 he had become one of the biggest DJ names in the gay nightlife of Europe and that with only a few performances outside his native country.

The way he joined the team of Europe’s biggest gay concept was not what most people would have imagined. That brings us to another part of what exact distinguishes him with any other deejay. The party at that time was already very popular and brought people from all over Europe monthly to Brussels. A dj spot on the main floor would have been the easy way and would have worked. But instead of that the small bar on the top floor was more challenging. For about 15 years this 3rd room was only used as a passage to the playroom. Because he had a few residencies at that time it started as a try out, but from the very first time he took over that forgotten and unwanted place, it was spot on. And just like in his early days he had found a venue where he was able the experiment with genres, timelines, etc. And the underdog position instead of the spotlight was not a bad thing after all.

The Cruise was a gift send from heaven as it was the perfect event where he could showcase his diversity. And thanks to that annual event he learned the complexity of his identity as an artist.
In 2007 it was time to bring his music back into the centre. A rebranding was part of that strategy.
With the start of LogiK Monkey he disconnected himself from the name Kenne Perry. A name that is grown into a more clubby mainstream label. With this name he began a new chapter. And only a few weeks after the launch of the new name, he got signed at Europe’s biggest and longest running after hour club. This dj residency at Greenkomm in Germany and the headline spot at La Demence have made the debut of LogiK Monkey one of the most impressive things to accomplish.

In 2019 another project was brought into life. D*FOG.
It’s a project that is more focussed on house and disco that originally was created for some parties and bar dj performances.
And then a pandemic brought nightlife into a deep sleep. The perfect time to brainstorm and work out some ideas for these two projects.
During that time he even brought back the name DJ Kenn Ith. The name he used in the first few years of his career. With that name he is creating some exclusive and very limited events based on the 80’s and 90’s Hi-Nrg and Italo Disco sound.
And in the second part of 2021 the project that is revisiting RnB is called: The Urban Funk Affair

All these projects are created by Kenne Perry, my official name…



Brussels-based Mu Delta has been mixing music since his teens, but he could only fully pursue his passion from 2020.
The combination of his technical knowledge and his musical feeling made him quickly get noticed.
In the past years, he has performed in bars such as Stammbar (Brussels), where he holds a residency, Le Belgica (Brussels), Cafe Cox (Paris) and The Boots (Antwerp), as well as at events and parties such as Darklands, BLF Easter, Barcelona Rubberweekend and Cave Brussels.

As a kinkster, his sets are inspired by steamy interactions and darkroom explorations, making you lose track of time and place.
His eclectic taste in music seamlessly combines well-known, accessible tunes with lesser-known gems.
He mixes and matches, crafting his sets, taking you where you didn’t expect to go.

Mu Delta also has an alter ego, Disko Mu, which centers around the lighter side of the musical spectrum, such as disco and house.



But who is “Désiré Joseph Cardmercier” AKA “Dj Card. Mercier”?

When Matthias moved to Belgium in 2012, this great fellow already had some great years of listening to and learning Techno sound behind him.
Fascinated, he began attending the evenings and mythical places from the most popular to the most underground in Brussels, where he listened and learned from the greats for whom the Belgian capital is as knowledgeable as it is essential. He definitely fell in love with these hypnotic rhythms.
Forging his taste for progressive music, knowing how to combine rhythms and sounds, he began to mix at home or at private parties with his circle of friends. Streaming his opuses online, he was quickly spotted and took the plunge to offer Techno Progressive music sets himself in eclectic and varied venues that unite a demanding public.
Later he performed at “Steelgate Hunkut”, at “Revelation” (Brussels), before appearing in 2014 on the line-up of “GreenKomm BaCardi Lounge” (Cologne) and at “Shoushou’s” (Mons). His deep techno progressive melodic sounds and chords, in perfect harmony with those of Dj Jon Doe, make the latter notice it quite naturally. It all happens very quickly!
Having become the first resident of “Gravity” (Cologne), Card Mercier was invited to the After “Beardrop” (Paris) in 2016 as well as to two special “Gravity Paris” editions. This world that he loves to share so much and resembles him in generosity takes us to the CSD KÖLN as well as to Marseille and Perpignan in 2017. From 2018, it is at the “X Party” (Amsterdam), in the “Berlin Go” (Toulouse), at the “MECX” (Paris), at the “FridayX” (Paris), that he performs by offering his sets to other audiences just as sharp.
In 2019, he performed on several occasions at the “CAVE” (Brussels), a monthly Brussels evening which takes place at the Steelgate and the Barrio Café focusing on ‘Underground’ music. He is also a resident of a local cruising bar, the “Stammbar”, for T-dance every Sunday afternoon.
He has also performed in several “dancing” bars for several years in the Belgian capital including “Le Belgica”, “Le Dolores” and “Le Jungle”.
Always in search of new tracks, off the beaten track and comfort zones, its playful melodies will allow you to escape and travel relentlessly where the deep lies!



Gab Valerio is a young Parisian dj, with progressive underground influences. After many years of listening, observing and dancing to the sets of his favorite djs, he now offers a progressive as if he were telling a story, and takes the greatest pleasure in capturing the energy present to adapt the journey. . His music is soaring, mystical, but also rhythmic and coherent. Ambitious, his only desire is to make his beat vibrate the minds of all those piqued with curiosity across borders. As Gab is currently organising the Background party in Brussels, which frequently serves as an after-party following CAVE events, you can often find him behind the decks, ensuring the beats keep flowing.



FOG. alias Jon Scotz was born in 1986 in Brussels. He soon became interested in music in all its genres and forms. Then to the teenager when he starts out in discotheque, he is fascinated by what the DJs do and in 2014 he says to himself and “why not me?” … and he decides to get started … first by playing the commercial and then he turns more to techouse techno and progressive. He now mixes regularly in various places in Brussels and elsewhere in Belgium. His passion devours him and he mixes with his heart! . If you like his music, support him, and follow him also on Facebook and Mixcloud.



Luis Roza’s passions for music and chemistry have always been like an evidence as if it was part of his DNA. After playing for himself in Brussels, he finally decided to leave his secret laboratory to share his music to the public. His pulsing and atomic sets are the result of an experience which would mix deep house, tech house, progressive , techno, and psytrance. As the DJ often says: “Music is Science and Science is Everything”. Luis Roza also started producing his own tracks in 2019. Thanks to his talent and his explosive mixes, the 27-year-old DJ already played in some of the most important parties and places of Belgium such as Le Belgica, Le Dolores, The Cave (@Steelgate, Brussels), Le Bar Rouge, Obscura (Red & Blue), @extravaganza-party, H.I.M Belgium, FLY Party (@Bloody-Louis) or for the Belgian gay pride. He had also the chance to play La Messe (@Borderline Club, Basel). He is also looking for new guinea pigs to test his sonic experimentation.