About us


Started in April 2018 as a “friends party” in the little room of Barrio Cafe, a place where we share good electronic music and good moments. Cave quickly evolved into a popular party in Brussels for the LGTB+ and open-minded friends, but always keeping the cozy and family spirit where music takes center stage while enjoying and socializing. 

Organizers Thomas M and Fran Ber are since the beginning fully committed with the party, staff, deejays, friends and new public who made up what CAVE is today. 

In good and difficult moments, we are always trying to get adapted to the situation (including of course the pandemic rules) and never giving up on celebrating music and getting some fun together by trying to explore new concepts, formats, sounds or other clubs such as SteelGate & Red&Blue.

Today anyone with an open-minded attitude, straight or LGTB+, black, white or blue, can come for some clubbing fun with the best underground electronic music.


The concept is the creation of a safe space where everybody is welcome, anyone can be him/her self and where we can share and enjoy together in an atmosphere of good vibes, peace and love, surrounded by the best electronic music. The golden rule of the party is: Enjoy the music in a good mood, respect is a must.

More concrete: we bring you great national and international DJs, in a well variated way but also giving a chance to new talents and local DJs. There will be some contests soon, where we give a chance to new artists to expose. So certainly stay in touch with our website. More info soon on our website.

We love electronic music and you will listen magical beats of progressive, techno or trance styles but our aim is to bring you also performances, artist shows and other musical styles such as house, disco, deep, etc.

But that and all the rest of what CAVE is about, you’ll have to find out yourself on our dancefloor.

See you there!