Frequently Asked Questions

1 Is there a CAVE party tonight?

“You can find our party dates on hour home page and also on our ticket sale page. If there is nothing announced on this pages and as we are announcing our parties a few weeks before the actual date, there won’t be a party tonight. Click here to go to our ticketsale page.”

2 Are there tickets available at the door?

“If the party does not specifically mention that it is sold out, there will also be tickets available at the door. You can also check on the ticket vendor’s website if the ‘door online’ section is sold out or not. You can also purchase a valid online ticket there during the party’s opening hours.”
When the party is sold out, there will be left few places at the door. We recommend you to come early in this case.

3 I bought a ticket but I cannot attempt the party.

“If you have purchased a ticket but are unable to attend the party, please let us know at least 6 hours in advance via email or social media. This way, we can arrange for a transfer of your ticket to a future party.”

4 At what time the party starts?

“The opening hours of the party depend on the party and location. You can find the exact hours in our information section on our website and on our flyers.”

5 I lost something in the party.

“Lost something at the party? No problem. You can report it here in our ‘lost & found’ section.”

6 I did not receive my ticket.

“If you haven’t received your ticket, please check your spam and junk mail folders first. If it’s not there, make sure you used the correct email address when making your purchase. If there was still an issue, we would be happy to resend your ticket to the email address used during the purchase. You can simply use the contact organizer button in Billetweb.”